AIRR x Pipedrive


As we all know, modern IT products can’t be standalone solutions anymore, they are always part of an ecosystem. That was why we have created AIRR as an integration platform, that pulls together data from CRM, accounting, pipeline, and other systems you use and unites it into a convenient portal for your team and investors. With more than 18 connected apps already and an ongoing process to add more, we take care of the integration to help you get the right data in one place.

Meet AIRR x Pipedrive

Organize your pipeline in Pipedrive and sync it with AIRR. We offer a great way to make your pipeline transparent to investors via a web portal and a mobile app, while keeping the rest of your CRM data private and confidential. Clear and simple. Check out yourself in a short gif below.

Want to add more features? Power up your daily routine by automating any workflows across your investment process:

  • calculate the value of the portfolio in real-time;
  • connect your pipeline with Crunchbase, global and local databases;
  • sync accounting/banking data and calculate fund metrics online;
  • store all documents and materials neatly in one place;
  • put the KYC/AML documentation in order, allowing you to have full coverage of the fund participants.

Let us know what are your needs, we are happy to help!

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Julia Momblat
By Julia Momblat