The launch of a mobile application for venture investors


The AIRR investment management platform has launched a mobile application that offers venture capitalists their portfolio data online and on-the-go. The service offers a single SaaS solution for venture funds, private equity funds, family offices and allows them to automate the investment management process.

The platform was created inside an investment fund with a long track record, and a team that perfectly understands the pain points of professional managers. In a time of constant market turbulence, when the venture market is becoming an increasingly interesting tool for investors from all over the world, it is more important than ever to offer a transparent product for this class of investment. The AIRR team has set the goal not only to automate the portfolio management process but also to open access to the previously closed world of private equity. 

How much are my shares worth?  What is the return on my investment?  How much is my portfolio worth? Where do we invest next? Where can I find my last report?

Numerous questions that bother investors had to be addressed by the fund’s investment team before: analysts, accountants, lawyers, managers. These answers should be available to everyone, immediately, and in a simple manner. The AIRR mobile application fills this need, it contains features that allow users to track key metrics for each fund; evaluate the return on their investment, review the history of dividends received, see the pipeline opportunities, and get quick access to reports on portfolio companies.

“…There are over 75 investors in our funds, most of whom have been actively investing in the technology sector for the past 10 years. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in communicating with our partners and are well aware of all the typical pain points in this process. Automation, transparency, and control are the trends of today, and they are also coming to the private equity industry. For example, the ability to understand the value of your portfolio in a moment allows you to rationally estimate the value of a share in a fund and offer it for sale on the secondary market. The opportunity to view the pipeline of future deals allows you to take part in co-investment projects, and the ability to view records and data of portfolio companies allows you to make a retrospective analysis of the efficiency of the management team. Transparency of the process as a whole removes the risk of manipulation and makes the work of the fund manager more open.”

Gleb Davidyuk, co-founder and Managing Partner at iTech Capital

The valuation of non-public investments is often subjective, but it also has a number of generally accepted approaches that fund auditors typically follow (such as IPEV Valuation Guidelines). Typically, updating all venture portfolio valuation parameters (company financials and market data) is a routine job for fund analysts and a rather time-consuming process. The software allows you to automate these calculations and, as a result, update them as often as you want, significantly reducing the team’s labor costs for preparing reports for investors. In addition, if the platform is integrated with a Business Intelligence system, it allows you to streamline the process of updating key metrics for the portfolio companies.

“When it comes to live data, static pdf-reports are becoming less and less relevant as a means of providing information. New standards of communication with investors are emerging. Investors are used to dynamic exchange trading and consider private equity as another investment instrument requiring a modern realtime approach. AIRR mobile offers fund managers a new solution.”

Natallia Chykina, co-founder of AIRR

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