8.5 million companies, 550 thousand investors — the launch of the largest database for the generation of pipeline


AIRR launched access to the largest AIRR Leads database thus far. Well-known data providers – Crunchbase, Pitchbook, dealroom.co, Parsers VC provide access to the largest number of companies in the world – 8.5 million companies at different stages and more than 550 thousand investors. In addition to the investment market, the service can be useful to all those who are interested in finding leads for their project business in any way. The new software allows automating lead generation by providing access to the largest databases, connecting to local databases or personal user resources, notifying team members, and synchronizing collected data with any CRM system.

AIRR Leads

AIRR Leads is a universal product suitable for investors in any industry. Whether you are looking for IT start-ups or oil fields, you have the process of screening potential investments against a set of criteria for compliance with your investment policy. The data sources will probably differ for different investors, but you can add them all to AIRR Leads. This service allows you to have information about suitable projects from these sources in the form of notifications: as soon as there is a new project that meets the specified criteria, the fund analyst will know right away.

Natalia Chykina, co-founder of AIRR

The founders of the new service have 25 years of experience in the private equity industry and a deep understanding of IT business. This allowed them to create a modern infrastructure that helps to automate the key processes of searching and forming a project funnel for any investor, be it professional or beginner. Pipeline generation, which is also offered by AIRR Leads, is one of the fundamental processes for any investor. Each of them, whether they are a private or public fund, corporation, family office, or angel investor, have their own strategy that involves investing in a particular industry, with its own focus, stage, geolocation, and other individual parameters.

AIRR Leads is also relevant for companies that are proactive in finding investments for their business. Finding the right partner and timely fundraising is key to rapid and reliable growth of a company’s business. That’s why Investor Relations is already a vital process of building relationships with potential investors, which progressive business owners think about in advance.

We receive more than 10 letters per day with an investment request. Several thousands per year and only 3–4 of them are invested in to by the fund. The process of search, selection, and subsequent analysis of transactions is extremely labor-intensive and not always efficient if it is organized in the old way. In the 21st century we can afford new, technological solutions for automating investment routines. Time is our main and most precious resource, and in my opinion, it is silly to spend it on reading hundreds or thousands of irrelevant queries. AIRR Leads automates this process by selecting the most interesting options in the ocean of investment opportunities. A competent AIRR user will work hundreds of times more efficiently.

Gleb Davidyuk, co-founder of AIRR Leads

Besides the investment market, there are many companies looking for other companies in order to find a partner, client or competitor. Availability of accurate and timely information is the key to success of any business, it is important to define what to search for and show a creative approach in using the information gained.

AIRR Leads is an excellent tool to structure the work with the Leads. Collaboration with the largest company data providers makes it easy to scale sales and customer acquisition costs. From highly specialized databases in a particular area to access to the largest customers in the world. Targeting by dozens of company parameters allows you to customize exact offers for your business.

Evgeniy Gurinovich, CEO Parsers

How does it work?

  • Search

The user gets access to the largest databases and can also connect any other local database.

  • Flexible Filtering

We offer a user-friendly system of filters relevant for business, investment, or any other request.

  • Leads

In addition to databases, the client can set up the process of generating leads from any external web resource, social network, company site or manually add incoming leads as well.

  • Potential business opportunities

Leads are aggregated on a single platform, the responsible person, if desired, converts them further, building a funnel and its stages in a suitable way for the company.

  • The team

The system functionality allows you to connect team members and select the notification system that is convenient for the company.

  • Interface and CRM

The funnel is displayed in a single system, clearly showing the current situation for all participants in the process, automatically updating when any changes are made to the data in the connected CRM.

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