Why do you need CRM in investment funds?


If you were asked, what is the most important thing you need to succeed in your daily work? What is the essential thing to have in order to successfully implement any project? Surely, the majority of answers would be based on two obvious concepts: time and data. What information you get and how quickly you can react is crucial. Earlier the main task of a CRM was to store customer data from business cards. Today it is an absolute necessity for any entrepreneur, and given the nature of the investment business, it is hard to imagine that one can avoid such crucial systems. Collecting and structuring data is only the first step – the foundation, all information then has to be transformed and analyzed. We integrate the data collected from CRM systems into a unified AIRR platform, which structures, visualizes and synchronizes the information received. This is the basis on which a successful investment decision can be made.

A little bit of theory..

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the principles, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers. At the technology level, CRM is a set of tools associated with a single business logic and integrates into the company’s corporate information environment (often in the form of a plug-in over ERP) based on a single database. Such systems are designed for: 

  • automation of business processes of the organization, which reduces the cost of information search, processing, and analysis; 
  • ensuring effective interaction of all departments with customers, collecting information about them at all stages of their life cycle. 

In other words, CRM allows users to carry on a systematic dialogue with the client, taking into account the entire previous history of relationships.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of structural information when it comes to the pipeline of the fund. Funds keep information about every investment opportunity throughout their activity in order to be able to compare metrics and return to the discussion of potential investments at any moment. Fundraising management and investor relations are the second equally important block that deserves special attention. Relationships have been built up over the years, the level of requirements for successful communication are extremely high. Each lead is pricey, so the earlier a system is built that captures all points of communication, the easier it is to manage the process later.

When choosing partners for the CRM block integration, we selected major companies whose products are already used by our customers. Pipedrive, founded in 2010 has a focus on visualization of sales processes; Salesforce, founded in 1999, is one of the pioneers of the SaaS model and the world market leader in CRM systems; Hubspot; Affinity – all of them are market leaders. AIRR was created as an open platform, which means that you can integrate any system needed, you can even upload Excel sheets or enter all data manually if you kept it strictly in your head.

AIRR significantly simplifies communication between the manager and his departments by visualizing the current status of the project work on a single screen. Many of the CRM systems with which the platform is integrated are quite complex in operation. The role of the service is to use the information collected and present it in a convenient form. Simplifying many of the features inherent to more complex CRM systems saves time, our most valuable life resource.


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