For many professional market participants, the quality of the investment software plays a significant role in a comprehensive investment strategy. With new updates implemented by our team, AIRR has been able to advance the ease of navigating through the system as well as enhance the software appearance.


We have updated the design of the platform, adding softer lines and brighter colors to make your experience more enjoyable while checking out how your portfolio is doing.


  • Monitor your portfolio by gaining insight into each company’s performance. Gross IRR, Expected CoC, DPI, Cost, and NAV now available online. 
  • By clicking on the administration page – portfolio company settings, change the settings for displaying company information on the report page, ranging between General, Shareholding Structure, Metrics, Investment Rounds, Valuation, and Documents.


  • Step-by-step wizard

The most anticipated feature of the updated version of AIRR is the wizard for documenting new investments. The new wizard makes the process of adding transaction data step by step, orderly guiding the user through the process. 

  • Drag-and-drop transaction data to an investment round

For the portfolio companies, it is now possible to add new investments without having to bind them to a certain investment round. With the new function of drag-and-drop it is now easier to fill out transaction data, as it is no longer required to attach a transaction to a round. In fact, binding to a certain round can now be done manually in the table by pulling the transaction section over to a desired round. 


  • Expand on a company’s investments

A new feature, now available on the home page, allows you to get more detailed information about a certain company’s investments by expanding a section containing data about the company such as equity and debt.

  • Team member roles & access to reporting

An important update on the team member roles. Now you can choose the level of access of each team member to the database to secure the data. 

  • Comparable companies, date & approach

Get the most detailed insight through an updated valuation section. Data on comparable companies for the present and past dates updates automatically and is implemented to demonstrate how a certain company’s valuation changes over time.

  • Consolidated table for the investment rounds

Check out an updated version of the table for the investment rounds. If before, AIRR utilized separate tables for equity rounds, debt rounds, and convertible rounds, now these are all integrated into one content table. The new version of the table also incorporates two determined categories: acquisitions and exits. 

We hope you are going to enjoy these new features and share your experience with us. Your feedback is what makes our product better!

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Julia Momblat
By Julia Momblat