AuthorJulia Momblat

Professional Investor Hunting and Fishing


Venture investors are always looking for new projects. The question is how they find them. They market themselves and wait for a response, or they are the first to contact, searching for candidates by a variety of methods. The use of modern tools for the generation of a pipeline — large and local databases of projects — at first glance, may significantly reduce the time spent on search, but for...

Services for investment funds: how such software works?


Investment companies use a variety of services in their work to coordinate different areas: for project management, tracking metrics, and building business processes. In practice, the number of programs the fund works with reaches 10, 15, and in some cases even more. This is no doubt inconvenient. Managers in the PE / VC markets are increasingly willing to accept and use modern technologies. And...

Why do you need CRM in investment funds?


If you were asked, what is the most important thing you need to succeed in your daily work? What is the essential thing to have in order to successfully implement any project? Surely, the majority of answers would be based on two obvious concepts: time and data. What information you get and how quickly you can react is crucial. Earlier the main task of a CRM was to store customer data from...

8.5 million companies, 550 thousand investors — the launch of the largest database for the generation of pipeline


AIRR launched access to the largest AIRR Leads database thus far. Well-known data providers – Crunchbase, Pitchbook,, Parsers VC provide access to the largest number of companies in the world – 8.5 million companies at different stages and more than 550 thousand investors. In addition to the investment market, the service can be useful to all those who are interested in...

BI in investment management


Transparency is more important than ever in the world today. It provides access to information that does not change with regard to the viewpoint or the personality of the broadcaster. Many modern companies use BI systems in their daily activities, but it is very rare for investors to plunge into these systems.  In the best case, they are reviewed once at the due diligence stage and later...

Unified IT system becomes necessary


Interview with Natallia Chykina, CFO and Partner at iTech Capital and a co-founder of AIRR How did you get the idea of AIRR? At iTech Capital, we have more than 80 investors and 20 portfolio companies. As the person responsible for the firm’s operations, I’ve introduced several IT platforms to manage our data. We are using Salesforce as a CRM, Xero for accounting, we also have a BI platform for...

The launch of a mobile application for venture investors


The AIRR investment management platform has launched a mobile application that offers venture capitalists their portfolio data online and on-the-go. The service offers a single SaaS solution for venture funds, private equity funds, family offices and allows them to automate the investment management process. The platform was created inside an investment fund with a long track record, and a team...



Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology “In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology. The fund management industry is no exception, and the introduction of new data tools and connections have propelled the industry into a...

AIRR x Pipedrive


As we all know, modern IT products can’t be standalone solutions anymore, they are always part of an ecosystem. That was why we have created AIRR as an integration platform, that pulls together data from CRM, accounting, pipeline, and other systems you use and unites it into a convenient portal for your team and investors. With more than 18 connected apps already and an ongoing process to add...

New platform for investment business management


AIRR is a SaaS solution that includes integration with any system that investors may already be using CRM, accounting, project pipeline management, document management, etc.). It consolidates information from all these systems, or, alternatively, allows managing all these processes within the platform, without using any third-party services.