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The launch of a mobile application for venture investors


The AIRR investment management platform has launched a mobile application that offers venture capitalists their portfolio data online and on-the-go. The service offers a single SaaS solution for venture funds, private equity funds, family offices and allows them to automate the investment management process. The platform was created inside an investment fund with a long track record, and a team...



Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology “In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology. The fund management industry is no exception, and the introduction of new data tools and connections have propelled the industry into a...

AIRR x Pipedrive


As we all know, modern IT products can’t be standalone solutions anymore, they are always part of an ecosystem. That was why we have created AIRR as an integration platform, that pulls together data from CRM, accounting, pipeline, and other systems you use and unites it into a convenient portal for your team and investors. With more than 18 connected apps already and an ongoing process to add...

How does a venture capital fund work in terms of Operations?


Private equity and venture capital funds are an important part of a comprehensive investment strategy for many professional market participants. Investments in private markets allow you to diversify your portfolio and gain access to additional returns by participating in non-public transactions at earlier stages. The internal kitchen of such funds is usually a rather complex machine, managed by a...

New platform for investment business management


AIRR is a SaaS solution that includes integration with any system that investors may already be using CRM, accounting, project pipeline management, document management, etc.). It consolidates information from all these systems, or, alternatively, allows managing all these processes within the platform, without using any third-party services.

LP reporting: how we’ve built it at iTech


The quality of investor reporting is essential for every PE/VC firm, and there are multiple layers of it. First and foremost, every investor wants to know how much money he has spent and how much money he has received. This is the simplest question any GP can answer. All investment management platforms provide this functionality called capital accounts and allow fund managers to track their...

Practical setup guide: AIRR automated reporting with Xero for a PE/VC firm


Accounting in a small PE/VC firm is usually more about convenience and accuracy than about complexity. In a nutshell, every fund has the following types of transactions it wants to track: Drawdowns and distributions(how much money LPs have put in the fund and how much have they received back)Investment transactions, dividends and exit proceeds (how much the fund has invested in portfolio...

AIRR FundAPI: how to update your fund metrics in a smart way


The ability to export the data is essential for any SaaS platform, otherwise the data gets buried in it forever. A well thought-out API makes it easy for the customers to integrate with other applications they use. However, when it comes to PE/VC software, the best one can usually get is the old-school “Download to Excel” button, which creates a static non-updatable file that isn’t refreshed when...