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Unified IT system becomes necessary


Interview with Natallia Chykina, CFO and Partner at iTech Capital and a co-founder of AIRR How did you get the idea of AIRR? At iTech Capital, we have more than 80 investors and 20 portfolio companies. As the person responsible for the firm’s operations, I’ve introduced several IT platforms to manage our data. We are using Salesforce as a CRM, Xero for accounting, we also have a BI platform for...

AIRR FundAPI: how to update your fund metrics in a smart way


The ability to export the data is essential for any SaaS platform, otherwise the data gets buried in it forever. A well thought-out API makes it easy for the customers to integrate with other applications they use. However, when it comes to PE/VC software, the best one can usually get is the old-school “Download to Excel” button, which creates a static non-updatable file that isn’t refreshed when...